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С выходом нового альбома, «Love Deluxe», королева романтики вносит ясность в вопросы поцелуев,...
Прямо во время песни, я поняла, что не смогу допеть и мне нужно уйти. Я крикнула: «Простите меня!...

В настоящее время группа не ведет концертную деятельность.

"Tar Baby"

Granma came to see
Something she could not believe
How could her girl be
So naive 
Tar baby, tar baby told
The secret she conceived 
That big old smile of yours
Could turn the wind into a song
How could I have doubted
Honey it's with me you belong 
Tar baby, tar baby
I love you so 
Like a brand new blade
You cut into my life
Cut through two decades
Like a hot coal on ice 
Tar baby, my tar baby
It maybe was meant to be
When I look at you
I can't believe my eyes 
And with your magic
I think you just might charm the birds out of the sky 
Tar baby, tar baby, tar baby
Came good out of grief 
A golden thread inside of the web
That I got caught in
Oh, it's a lover's revenge, but out of the pain
Come the best things you see 
You cut into my life 
You cut into my life (baby baby baby baby don't you know that)
You cut into my life (I love you) 
You cut into my life 
La la la la la ooh
You can turn the wind into a song
La la la la la baby baby baby
It's with me you belong
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